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The OpenReelToReel Hub was founded with a simple idea in mind to offer audiophiles the best audio reel-to-reel tape recordings from around the world, and we are offer audiophiles the best analogue recordings from around the world, the album's recording had to sound spectacular.

OpenReelToReel Hub is passionate about the sound quality of the analogue tape, we stock the very best audiophile-grade records and have probably the largest music on reel-to-reel tape stockholding in the UK and Europe.

Analog Fidelity Sound: Desirable for discerning audiophile listeners. OpenReelToReel Hub is happy to offer analogue recordings from trusted recording studios allies, labels and independent musicians.

The Music On Reel-To-Reel Tape: The master tape duplication copy is a handmade product in real-time, by sound engineers and studio professionals with today's technology advantages: greater dynamic range, especially at frequency extremes; minimal signal processing; and unsurpassed richness and realism - it's the closest to hearing the music on master tape copy.

Are you ready for the move to open-reel perfection? Magnetic Tape and the Emergence of High-Fidelity Recording. Each copy is transferred in real-time, using studio-level reel-to-reel tape recorders on the freshly made RTM audiotape. Production of audiotapes is a very time-consuming process, so each label usually can only release a new album in batches.

The ultimate reel-to-reel tape is the latest retro-trend for audiophiles, it has a greatest dynamic range, is capable of producing extraordinary sound for the treble and bass and there is less signal processing which is the enemy of a hi-fi extraordinaire. Listening to music on reel-to-reel tape will allow you to discover details in the music you were never able to hear before.

Rediscover Music On Reel Tape: The audio reel tape is now making a comeback in the world of music. As the highest quality medium for analogue recording and playback, magnetic tape technology has not only returned: after more than 30 years during which the technology was almost completely displaced by digital technology, it is now receiving the appreciation it deserves thanks to a small group of enthusiasts who are keeping it alive.

As a result, this technology occupies a whole new, special place among the various sound recording formats. For enthusiasts and audiophiles, this evolution is long overdue and is considered the analogue sound source par excellence - Long Live Analog and Music On Audio Tape!

Feel The Warmth: The multi-award-winner 2xHD label is reputed as one of the world’s finest producers of audiophile albums on reel-to-reel tape. Analogue audio tapes offer a warm, rich, immersive listening experience to make you feel as if you’re in the studio, sitting right next to the recording artist. 2XHD Fusion reel-to-reel tape recordings are sourced from first-generation analogue recordings without any digital corruption. The mastering transfer chain is as short and pure as possible using the best OCC silver cables and high-end vacuum tube electronics professionally customised to get the most transparent and realistic reproduction available today. Each reel-to-reel tape release is treated with individual attention to the choice of analogue equipment. 2XHD is an accurate musical mastering system, earning recognition from peers and specialized trade media around the world.

Oleg Netchaev

Oleg Netchaev, Managing Partner

Over 20 years of a solid background in high-end hi-fi systems successful sales, with proven face-to-face sales and organizational skills, experienced in managing projects from conception to completion. Skilled in developing and implementing standardized marketing promotional practices and procedures.

Looking after all aspects of distributions in the UK, and other markets with business negotiation with high-end industry players, marketing and social media strategies - planning, business intelligence processes and executing. Overseeing marketing and communications programs for the partners as well as planning and implementing marketing campaigns across all channels.


Be ready to be blown away when you experience playback of true high-fidelity recording on audiotape


Oksana Netchaeva

Oksana Netchaeva, Chief Financial Officer

Founding member of OpenReelToReel Hub, Oksana contributed her financial and administrative skills to serve our partners and customers, she has a special expertise in Ukraine market representation. She had consistently produced results in an ever-changing marketplace, and most of all in tune with the client's needs, and always adhere to the Code of Conduct set by the National Register of Public Service.