The Tape Playback Compatibility: Please check below a partial list of compatible reel-to-reel tape recorders to play master tape copy today.

As the highest quality medium for analogue recording and playback, magnetic tape technology has not only returned: after more than 30 years during which the technology was almost completely displaced by digital technology, it is now receiving the appreciation it deserves thanks to a small group of enthusiasts who are keeping it alive.

As a result, this technology occupies a whole new, special place among the various sound recording formats. For enthusiasts and audiophiles, this evolution is long overdue and is considered the analogue sound source par excellence.

Tape Recorder: In use, the supply reel to feed reel containing the tape is placed on a spindle or hub; the end of the tape is manually pulled out of the reel, threaded through mechanical guides and a tape head assembly, and attached by friction to the hub of the second, initially empty takeup reel.

You can play master tape copy on other reel-to-reel tape recorders as long as they have a play speed of 15IPS and 2-track playback capability, CCIR or NAB curve and 10” diameter reel capacity.

plus new Thorens TM-1600 tape player and many other great reel-to-reel tape recorders on the market today.

Tape Technical Information: The magnetic tape used for this product is the finest state-of-the-art on the market today. Buying an audio 2xHD reel-to-reel tape guarantees that ultimate quality is preserved from the original master in contrast to vinyl albums, CDs or other formats which are all generated from multiple generations of the original eg: tapes have been duplicated (made into ‘safety Copies’) from the master to be sent to mastering labs around the world from which more generations or conversions of the original are used for manufacturing and reproducing. 2xHD Fusion always used the original master tape for the transfer to master tape copy production duplication process.

All transfer pollution which may be caused by cabling, audio consoles, electrical interference, and amplifiers, are eliminated in the 2xHD chain as 2xHD Fusion sound engineer René Laflamme dig into the original recording, using more sophisticated power supplies, cables, etc. These procedures help lower tape noise at the lowest spectrum and bring out the second harmonics warmth associated with analogue tape recordings, creating a fresh, new, yet authentic version of the original recording. René Laflamme calls the procedure ‘back to the future technology’. So, it’s fair to say that you own a recording that is superior to the original released tape product.

The transfer is made by René Laflamme himself to the best magnetic tape on the market today, the SM-900 RTM Studio Master tape which has all the features of a master tape but is also designed for long storage. The formula was created by AGFA around 1973. This tape has the best Print-through protection and the longest storage life. Audio reel tapes of this formula have been stored for more than 40 years — and display no deterioration of the coating or sound quality. It is often chosen by professionals who specialize in classical, instrumental or voice recordings due to the “transparent” sound of its formula. Many sound engineers using Nagra recorders use the SM900 1/4'' RTM Tape as their go-to tape for the past 45 years.

Master Tape Recording Emotion: Analogue audio reel-to-reel tape offers a warm, rich, immersive listening experience to make you feel as if you’re in the studio, sitting right next to the recording artist.

Long Live Analogue and Music On Audio Reel Tape!